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Mr. Ramnath Ashok, The managing director of the company started his career as Junior engineer in Pondicherry Electricity Department in early 80’s after completing his graduation in Annamalai University. HIs contribution as an employee for the Electricity department is tremendous. He acted as one of the pillars in many of the projects that took place after the 1990's.

He had a prime role when Indian government decided to automate the entire power distribution system to remote monitoring and establish a smart grid system. He wears multiple hats when it comes to his work unmindful of wherever he is . During his service , he had end to end involvement in the establishment of a sub-station at Villianur, Pondicherry.

He is such a passionate person when it comes to engineering and technology. He is a compassionate leader and a strategist. He continues to be an amazing mentor for many till today and he had been doing the same throughout his career. Through his continued dedication towards his work he realized entrepreneurship is the best fit for him. He always had a dream of becoming an industrialist as he strongly believes in creating jobs and providing jobs , growing everyday with his team making use of the right opportunity in the right way.

In order to conquer his dream, he obtained his voluntary retirement after completing 20 years of remarkable service to the electricity department as an Executive Engineer. Due to his constant quench for exploration he became one of the known industrialists in the PET industry today. He entered into the PET industry by starting a small firm called Mahalakshmi Polymers with a couple of injection molding machines.

Later he developed several new ventures. Most of the people who belong to this industry are well aware that he was one of the partners of a preforms company in the same Industrial Estate which started in the year 2007. He is the sole reason for their major expansion in various places and developing various units. He was acting as Managing Director-Operations over there. He started SwaashPET in the year 2016.The organization Swaashpet is a proud brainchild of his own. He has passionately worked and contributed to the PET manufacturing industry for almost two decades now.